[COMPLETED] Scheduled Database Maintenance

We will be performing a scheduled database maintenance on the following dates: 

During the maintenance window of approximately 60 minutes, we expect a service disruption of no longer than 30 minutes. During this period, you will have no access to the platform, and all payment, API, and Comtrol integrations will be disrupted. Other integrations, like CRS and RMS integrations, will queue and catch up once the application services restore. In preparation for the database maintenance, we recommend that you print the following reports as a backup:

  • Arrival Report (Select INCL RES. NOTES, INCL GUEST NOTES, and INCLUDE ACTIONS from the OPTION(S) field and run for the next two days)

  • Action Manager Report

  • Departure Report

  • Guest Balance Report

  • In-House Guests Report

  • Credit Check Report (Select INCL RES. NOTES, INCL GUEST NOTES, and SHOW GUESTS from the OPTION(S) field)

  • Print a Room Status Report from Housekeeping > Room Status

  • Print a Detailed Availability Report from the Availability screen (Select the 14-day view)

We recommend sharing these reports with your Front Desk team, so they can reference and action guest requests that may come during this 60-minute window.

For additional steps on how to prepare, please refer to this article.

Please also be sure to subscribe to real-time status updates here, so you can be notified when the maintenance starts, is in progress, and finishes.

For any further questions, please contact Customer Support.