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There seems to be a glitch that has occured on Room 402 (Heuston Tilson). 

Guest has been staying for 3 months with us, therefore when I tried to extend his stay , SNT came across with "exceeded stay limit". At the time, the guest had an outstanding balance of £900 (he pays weekly as he is claiming expenses). I have then proceeded with creating a new reservation as soon as possible as the hotel was fully booked at the time and wanted to move his charges from the old reservation onto the new one.

Once, I have tried to move everything, SNT has become unresponsive and had to relaunch which I did... However, charges were not moved so I have tried again. In the end, they have moved not once but twice... So now there are duplicate charges along with duplicate payments. I have attached below the invoice for reference. Could this be resolved without having to adjust any revenue?

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