Add-On Pricing Updates

We want to change the price of breakfast for reservations created from X date onwards. 

With our current logic if you just change the add on, all bookings are automatically updated - so that doesn’t work.

A solution for this would be to have DATE SETS (Like we have on rates)

This way we could have 10.00 up until 31 March and then 12.00 from 01 April. 

We cannot use the start and end dates of the existing addon, because we cannot attach both to the rate code as addons need to cover the full range of the rate information. 

Another possible solution would be to allow us to add addons to rates with a limited date range, and then when calculating the rate amount and displaying the addons on the staycard, we only display the ones applicable to the stay date of the reservation. 

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Agree with Claires request. This functionality is available in all other PMS's.

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definitively needed & available in other PMS's as well - has been on our wish list for quite some time :-) (

But I am not sure if add-ons with a limited date range would help when the rate code with this add-on is mapped - or can you then add various add-ons with more date ranges to one rate? So e.g. Add-on 1 until 31st of December, Add-on 2 from 1st of January - but then how about reservations staying longer?

Also, we need to set this up well in advance, so guests reserving the room e.g. for 2023 know this new price already.

SNT Team

POD Hotels would also like this functionality. They would like the ability to change pricing for a future date range based on stay date OR booking date.

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is there any news here? We would need it rather soon, so we have some lead time for 2022/2023 price change.

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