3CX PBX intengration

We want to integrate 3CX PBX with your PMS. 3CX supports the Fidelio and Mitel SX2000 protocol.

Have you done this before? And do you support these protocols?


Ramon Bronkhorst

SNT Team

Hi Ramon, yes we support that via the Mitel SX2000 protocol. We do use a middleware partner for it requiring a dedicated PC in your network to install the interface software on.

The interface supports Housekeeping status updates, guest name updates and opening and closing lines. Phone charges are not supported.

Forum User

Hi Kees,
We are using 3cx also at Hotel Juliani. We would love to find out how to do Housekeeping Updated and opening/closing line

SNT Team

Housekeeping / room status updates will work if checkin and checkout is working.

In below example the prefix for Mitel is *68 followed by a number that is used by stayntouch PMS. This is fixed so will work as below.

You just need to verify with your MITEL vendor what the prefix is they have configured for you.

*681 = Dirty

*682 = Clean

*687 = pickup

*688 = Inspected

If you have that prefix and it is not working, let us know and we schedule a test session together with you.

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