Ability to attach Billing Information to rate codes

Submitted on behalf of Opera House Hotel, would benefit any hotel using Siteminder. 

Siteminder has no way to attach a company or TA profile on their end to a rate code. Because of this all reservations booked through an OTA will always have the same name. With OTAs that have OTA Collect and OTA Hotel Collect this becomes a problem because they have no way to set up billing automatically. For example, Expedia has Expedia Collect and Expedia Hotel Collect. But all reservations come across with a TA Profile of Expedia, regardless of it being Expedia Collect or Expedia Hotel Collect. Siteminder cannot modify this on their end so it is impossible to have billing information auto populate bookings. The staff at the hotel must manually touch ever Expedia Collect booking in the system to set up billing. 

If we had the ability to attach Billing Information to the rate code we would eliminate our dependency on the CRS to send us accurate profile information on bookings. Siteminder sites would be able to have the billing set up automatically. 

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SNT Team

Hi James, 

This logged and planned. No specific timeline is given for this item yet. 


SNT Product

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