Applying Charge Codes by Room Type

We're running into an issue via the system where we cannot charge cleaning fees correctly and to date the team hasn't found a solution.

We charge cleaning/hskp fees by the room type.  E.G. $50 for a Studio and $100 for a 1-Bed.

In SNT this has to be built as a charge code but charge codes cannot be applied to a room type, only a rate code.  

We have the fee correctly built in the CRS but the corresponding charge code in the PMS will not match.  We're worried reservations will come through as undefined, adding additional work to our reservations team, or revenue that won't be associated with a Charge Code creating additional work for our finance dept to reconcile each month.

How quickly could we get this in front of your product team to update the system? Or, is there a solution the team has not yet been made aware of?

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