Unknown cards attached to reservations

Can we ignore additional guest names in the inbound new reservation XML's when they are called “Unknown”- so that we don’t insert the ‘unknown’ cards as accompanying guests?

Expedia reservations with kids via Siteminder seem to present like the below which is making things difficult for hotels that have ID Scan enabled for all guests. 


4 adults and 2 children on the reservation. Seems the accompanying guests are the 2 children. No cards under accompanying for the extra adults:

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please! let’s be honest: despite our pleas, expedia is not going to fix this and it creates problems & confusion in rover. with ID scanning, all of the unknown guests are prompted to scan their IDs which breaks the self check-in system. 

please ignore these bogus entries!

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just checking in on this. to reiterate again, this completely breaks the self check-in flow by requiring guests to scan their ID again and again and then failing because no one's ID says their name is "Unknown Unknown." today, for example, we have one guest from expedia and another from who both are showing these unknown, unknown reservations attached to the main one and neither of them can do the self check-in because of it. this has been an ongoing issue for years. the ideal fix would be for rover to simply ignore these fake reservations as they a) do not serve any purpose b) confuse staff and c) prevent the self checkin from functioning. 

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please, please fix this. it's so frustrating for our guests who have to try to scan IDs for every single "Unknown, Unknown" person in their party (especially when it's kids who don't even have an ID). it completely breaks the self check-in process for these guests. 

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Hi Reid,

I get the frustration here.  Do you know if this happens for all Unknown guests or just the children for reservations from Siteminder?  I don't know if/what can be done, but I want to be clear on what is happening now.



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I think it's just for guests who are bringing children with them. For some reason the children become these "Unknown, Unknown" reservations that show up in Rover and then need to have their own IDs uploaded for each one or the self check in doesn't work. And since most kids don't have IDs, 98% of the time this means guest confusion as they try to check in on their phone and then a frustrated call to our front desk about how our system is "broken." And, to be honest, that's kind of true.

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Also worth pointing out that this also happens for, not just Expedia, so it happens pretty frequently.

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please, please fix this!!! i can't be the only customer who has this problem since it happens in both expedia & it breaks the self check-in process and confuses both guests and our staff. 

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Dear Reid, 

We are currently going to review what we can do from the Stayntouch side with the developers and hopefully have an update within the next week or so. 

Thank you for your patience. 

The Product Team

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Thank you!

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