StayNTouch Cloud PMS Performance - performance improved

Dear StayNTouch Customers,

We know today continues to be a difficult day. Over the last 24 hours, StayNTouch has been experiencing wide-spread performance degradation resulting in errors throughout the application, as well as frequent login failures. We expect more from ourselves and our technology. As we resolve the current state, we commit that every resource is dedicated to ensuring that this scenario will not occur again.

At this moment, we are working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on potential throttling issues related to thresholds for database queries. This ordinarily allows for security and optimized session allocation, however with the increased return to travel, we may have outdone the AI used to balance these loads. Secondly, we have rolled back all recent releases to potentially reset the database query restrictions and allow full allocation of the user queues. Third, we are spinning up unique database instances for allocation and failover to ease the queue and prevent tripping auto-lockdowns.

SNT Team

The database upgrade to StayNTouch PMS has now been completed. We should see performance improve across the application now. The support and engineering teams are on standby to continue to monitor performance .

SNT Team

Despite upgrading our database hardware we are continuing to experience performance degradation.  Our teams are working diligently to resolve the reported issues. We sincerely apologise for the incovenience caused.

SNT Team

We just deployed additional upgrades to our application servers and are seeing considerable improvement in performance across the application. Our team continues to monitor and remain on standby.