Resolved: Rover PMS Outage

Dear Customers, 

The issue below is now resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Rover PMS is currently down; however, our team is working on resolving this outage as soon as possible. We will post an announcement when this is resolved.

SNT Team

Please withhold from logging into Rover PMS, as this may lock your account.

SNT Team

Our engineers are actively working on resolving this and expect it to be resolved shortly.

SNT Team

Thank you for you patience during this technical issue we experienced. This caught us all off guard, and our teams worked as fast as possible to resolve the issue. If you were unfortunate enough to have your account locked during this period, please use the "RESET" option for an email to be sent to you allowing you to reset your password. Please note any previous attempts during the outage to reset your password are null and void and will need to be redone. Thank you again for your understanding and patience.