Government-Issued Change of VAT Percentage?

Applies to:       Rover PMS    Rover Overlay

Government-Issued Change of VAT Percentage?

Has your government issued VAT percentage changes upon short notice? Below are some helpful tips you can use to adjust tax rates in Rover PMS in accordance with your government’s requirements. 

Foreseen VAT changes can be set from the VAT charge codes in Rover. However, before you can make these changes, first navigate to Settings > Financials > Financial Settings > Turn ON the TAX RULES toggle

Once you have turned ON the TAX RULES toggle, navigate to Settings > Financials > Charge Codes and determine which tax codes you wish to change. In the below example, we will change tax code ‘A’.

Upon opening tax code ‘A’ and scrolling down, you’ll see new options for Enable LOS and Enable Nights Range:

  • Enable LOS allows you to add a tax rule based on the number of nights for which a reservation is created. This is used if the tax is different for guests staying for a specified extended period (e.g., 30 nights) as opposed to fewer nights.

  • Enable Nights Range is typically the default and allows you to set a different tax for a period of nights.

If, for example, you wish to configure a scenario in which tax is 0% for September 2020 and October 2020, select Enable Nights Range. Next, select + ADD NEW TAX RULE, choose Date Range, and indicate the appropriate dates.

Finally, select SAVE CHANGES.

Pro Tip: To confirm the new tax rule was created successfully, create a reservation using these dates, as illustrated below.