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Dear SNT team,

it would be a really great help to stay on the same page in the rate settings when entering and exiting a specific rate. If I am on page 5, click on a rate, and then click on "back to rates", it would be great to be on page 5 again, not on page 1.

Best regards,

Schani Hotels

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Hi SNT, 

Adding to this, going to page 5 would be beneficial, but in addition it would be great to be able to set the default amount of rates displayed to a larger number than 10. If we had 100 then we wouldnt worry about page 5, even though that would also be a great addition.

This seems like backend coding that shouldnt be too difficult, if not the page # at least the default. 

Please and thanks,

Mint House

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SNT Team

Implemented to stay on page 5. 10 rates is still the default and looking to change this but it is easy to change 'Rates displayed per page' to a higher number when entering the rate setup.


SNT Product Team

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