Country in Company card mandatory field

Can you make the field "Country" as mandatory in a Company card creation. 

Currently, there's only the possibility to make  country a mandatory field during AR number creation. 

We also need the possibility to make Country mandatory even when no AR number is created. 

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indeed, it is not clear - nor logical - why Settings currently only allow to make the field mandatory for the AR number creation. 

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I believe that the hotel management should have more options and be able to define which field is mandatory or not.  

This would also make the work easier from the point of view of the different country legal compliance.

SNT Team

Hi, this has been implemented, if you need help in setting this up, please contact your CSM for support.


SNT Support

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Hello Nicki,

I'm afraid this doesn't look as if it has been implemented. I just seem to have created a company called 'test gh', without adding a country code.

Could you please advise.


Guido Hulsbosch

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This works fine provided the country is added as a mandatory field in the SETTINGS for Company/Travel Agent.

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