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Groups more user friendly

Dear SNT team,

groups are currently not really user friendly - it takes a really long time to save any changes in the group details. Additionally, a mass edit would be great.


Schani Hotels

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Totally agree.  

Also, the rooming list design is kinda limited. Why doesn't it say the actual room type instead of just 'Single' and 'Double'? 

Also,  under 'Picked Up' it should say the number of ROOMS picked up not the number of ROOM NIGHTS picked up, or better than that you should be able to choose which one you want. 

Also, you should be able to override the stay dates for any of the reservations beyond the Group's stay dates WITHOUT having to extend the entire group master stay dates.


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Dear SNT team,

any news here?

I noticed improvements, it's definitively faster, but we also have bigger groups, and adding rooms for a long period of time is really time consuming. 

Best regards,

SNT Team

Hi Verena,

Going back to the mass edit - what are the edits you would like to perform to multiple members of the group? We are looking to initially implement Arrival, Departure, Room Type, Occupancy.


SNT Product Team

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