invoice limitations // not all Lightspeed data is stated detailed on the invoice

Dear sir/madam,

When we send invoices to our guests/groups/corporate clients, we cannot send them specific information stated on the invoice of what the exact Lightspeed charges were. None of the options of the BILL LAYOUT give the option to show this. We would like for them to be visible on the invoice statements. See here an example. We can only see the specific details of the charges and the VAT when we click on the arrows in SNT - however it is not visible when we send (or print/save) the invoice. See below an example of the receipt that was transferred from Lightspeed to StayNTouch and how it is detailed. And see attached the same invoice saved as PDF without this data. The only thing visible on the invoice is the total amount and the number of the receipt (and name of Lightspeed account). 

Why is this not an option and is it possible to adjust this? It would make it much more clear to our guests what exactly they are paying for as well as for their financial administration - because they want to see the details of charges. 

Kind regards, Rianne


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