Rover PMS Auto-Logout Configuration Issue Update

Whoops! We messed up. We recently rolled out important security measures to limit the amount of time your PMS sits logged in unattended. While this security is required, we didn't go about it the best way and we are sorry. We hear you, and are approaching this in two phases. On Monday, we will roll out the ability to lengthen the time out period from the 15 minutes that was put into place last week. This will be configurable within your settings. To lengthen the auto-logout time from 15 mins, a system admin can: 

  1. Go into Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details > Auto Logout Delay
  2. Enter your preferred number of minutes.
  3. We recommend keeping this as low as tolerable for security purposes.

As a second phase, within the next few months, we will release improved behavior when your session times out. You will be able to simply enter your password and return to your session exactly where you left off.

The update will be effective Monday, November 18, 2019, around 8am EST/1pm GMT. Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience or disruption this has caused over the last week.


Thank you,

Team StayNTouch