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Based on this ticket: #46619 Add-on forecast report nor including all addons I want to create this request. We need a historical report of Add-ons sold. 

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For OKKO hotels we would also need a report with historical data for add-ons

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We would definitely need a report on historical data for add ons for OKKO hotels 

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We need an historical add-on report to see revenue created from certain add-ons for the month. If I need to reconcile inventory with add-ons data from past month I am not able to with the current limitations. Thanks!

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We would like to be able to access a historical report for revenue generated from add-ons. We would also like Add-Ons to post to the guest bill with a description instead of just the charge code.

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Dear Help Desk Team,

We also want to request this feature for our 4 properties. 

Treehouse Studio Hotel, Ithaca of South Beach Hotel, Villa Paradiso Apartment Hotel and Apple Tree Inn.

Thank you,


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Dear SNT Team

we would like to have also a list for the historical add ons data.

Best Regards from the Acasa Suites

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Dear SNT Team,

We need a report with a history of Add-ons sold, and specifically a report showing all breakfast sold in a given time range, be it add-ons or breakfast included rates.

Best regards,

Guido Hulsbosch

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Is there any update with respect to this request?

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