Rooms that are stay overs but also linen changes

I'm the supervisor of the housekeeping department.  We use task management to divide the rooms to the housekeepers. If a guest books more as one night, (for example two nights) then it's a stayover. If a guest books more as 3 nights (so two days after the arrival date: the third night), then the guests also get a linnenchange; its means that it ISN'T a stayover, but a linnenchange! The system put the hotel room the third night as a stayover AND as a linnenchange, while it should ONLY be a linnenchange. This means that while making the schedule we've to put all the stayovers that are also a linen change we've put the stayovers off the list and the linnen change on the list. Could you change in task management that if a hotel room is a linen change that the system WON'T put it as a stayover also, while using task management to devine to rooms to the housekeepers?


Hi Rinske,

Housekeeping tasks are actually designed with this intended functionality. The logic is that a stayover and a linen change are two separate tasks. Where a stayover is meant to be a task to clean the room without changing linens. And the linen change task is for just changing linen, not cleaning the room. So for a stayover, every three days there will be two separate tasks assigned to it, first being the stayover (not including linen change) and then the second is the linen change (not including the stayover clean).

At this time we do not have the ability to prevent the stayover task from generating on a reservation by stay date, it will always be there. 

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