Group Actual Revenue

Per CICO-64403

The ACTUAL revenue on the group summary only includes revenue that has been routed to the group account, and is visible on the TRANSACTIONS tab of the group.

Any revenue that is settled direct on the guest staycard, is excluded from the actual revenue.

Please change this so that revenue brought in by the group, regardless of where it was settled is accounted for.

SNT Team

How I read it is that the revenue will not display correctly on the group card itself unless the charges are routed to the master. This is crucially important, as some sales manager's commissions are based on the group business they book (regardless of payment method) from the Group Forecast report.

SNT Team

I have another client (TP) who needs to see the total value of the group regardless of whether the revenue was routed to the group master.  The sales team is getting paid by commission on group revenue generated and need to find a way to pull this info. from SNT.

SNT Team

PUBLIC Hotels would also like to see this fixed.

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