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I would like to know if there is a way and, if so how, to take deposit (prepaid) payments for discounted reservations all at once, instead of one by one.

Furthermore, when we receive the fix rate reservations (prepaid) through, the credit card is never available. Is this an issue with Stayntouch, If so, how can we solve this?

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Tassia Coelho

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Tassia - 

There are a couple of things that can be done.  

1 - your hotel can set up Deposit rules that define when deposits need to be taken.  Those can then be set up on the rates as needed. 

2 - your admin for the hotel can go into settings - Hotel & Settings and can then turn on the Auto Charge Deposits that will then run as part of the Night Audit.

3 - If there are issues with Credit Cards coming over via your CRS that should be opened as a ticket.

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Hi there

I would like to leave a note for a senseful featur regarding the auto charge:

The feature is great, but not practical friendly, because only the day can be choosed the deposit will be taken, but no time. I always have to select the EOD to get the option for additional times. For example we have different deposit rules (one will be taken at 3PM 1 day prior to arrival, the other at 6PM arrival day). For our 6PM rule, the deposit would be taken too early after EOD.

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