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The property would like the ability to be able to save Credit Cards as part of Front Desk Accounts and group account.

SNT SAID-, I have confirmed we are not able to save credit card information to make a payment from the group transaction page. This would be a feature request.---- PLEASE ADD TOKENIZED CC INFORMATION saved in the wallet payment section for all account types like house and group 

Save payment type in group accounts.

SNT Team


This is now possible via TA / Company Card - Wallet.


SNT Product Team

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The topic I submitted as a requested feature is for GROUPS ACCOUNTS and House Accounts. Not TA/Company Cards. Our Accounts Receivable clients do not pay by credit card they pay by check. So the wallet feature is not useful here.

As for group billing having a feature that saves the card number would be ideal to charge ahead of a groups arrival. Then use the save card again to charge any remaining balance after departure. Currently the properties have to keep full credit card numbers on file in order to re-enter the entire credit card number each time a payment is needed.

Thanks for the consideration.

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We also need this feature.  It would be INCREDIBLY useful.  Everytime a group needs to make a payment / deposit, they ask us to use the card on file but we can't store one. 

I tried saving it to a company and attached a company to a group and I get an ERROR "CC INVALID"

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Has there been any movement on this feature?  We ABSOLUTELY need to be able to store credit cards for groups.  Groups pay deposits and expect us to be able to charge their follow-up deposits to the same card without needing to call back each time.  Also, if a group was to leave with charges on their folio, we NEED to be able to access or at least re-charge the same card.


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I see this has been "in progress" for some time now.  Any updates as to when this feature might be delivered?

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What is the ETA on this feature?

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