ability to setup a floor and ceiling on rate codes

Have ability to build a dynamic rate code (%off) and set a rate floor (rate will never go below set floor rate) and a rate ceiling (rate will never exceed the set ceiling rate. Example:

Rate Floor:

Rate code A is 10% off BAR and has a $95 floor 

if BAR is $100, Rate code A will be $95 even though 10% off $100 is $90 as it is lower than the floor rate.

Rate Ceiling

Rate code A is 10% off BAR and has a $150 rate ceiling

if BAR is $200, Rate code A should be $150 as 10% off $200 is $180 which is higher than the rate ceiling 

SNT Team

Silvies Valley Ranch would also benefit from this enhancement.

SNT Team

PUBLIC Hotels would also like to see this feature - needed for corporate negotiated rates 

Forum User

Please add this feature. This is a definite need for corporate accounts when booking directly into the PMS. 

Forum User

Please add this feature. I was so surprised to learn SNT does not have this basic functionality. 

Forum User

This would help properties keep better track of local negotiated rates who may book a lower rate. It keeps the production in the proper account and makes negotiations easier.

Forum User


Can we please add floor and ceiling functionality?

Forum User

Good morning,

We would also very much like this option to be possible in SNT!



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