Delete Room Numbers

We would like the ability to delete room numbers.

Why do we need this? Example:

         If we no longer have a physical room (eg: A tent was destroyed in bad weather and we will not be replacing it) 


So that we can accurately report on occupancy

Having a room permanently on out of order skews our stats

Statistics are reported on at ROOM TYPE level, not the room number

After a guest has checked out, we cannot edit the room number field anyway - so this should not cause any sort of validation issues.

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The link between reservations table and rooms table is the room_id. deleting a room potentially creates orphaned records. Do I understand correctly that what you are asking for is:

For rooms marked 'inactive', or otherwise -> basically the rooms you would like to 'delete'

1) Hide a room from being shown (anywhere?)

2) Do not consider inactive rooms in statistics

Could you please confirm?

Thank you

SNT Team

Thanks Pierre, 

Yes, so:

 Inactive room numbers should not be available to be assigned to reservations.

The inactive room numbers should not count towards inventory. eg: I had 101 rooms. I marked one as inactive (deleted it?) now my inventory says I have 100 rooms, thus when I sell 100 rooms - my occupancy is 100%

And therefore, from the date that I now have '100 rooms' the inactive rooms will not impact future statistics. 



SNT Team

When we revise the ability to delete room numbers, please include the rooms that are considered SUITE room types. 

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Is this feature planned?

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I would also like the ability to delete room numbers even if they were assigned to reservations in the past.  We inherited a hotel that sold two adjoining rooms separately, and we won't be doing that, so we need to delete the second room for any confusion and accuracy on reporting.  Do we know if this will be available for the future?

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Yes we would also really like this feature!!!!
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Please update us on this situation as it would be very helpful.
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We are still looking to delete rooms out of our system.  It has lots of ramifications like our projects investible, and proper reporting.

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Checking in on this as Hotel Grinnell and Highlander Hotel would like this ability

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+ First hotels

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Is there any info on when this would be possible?

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Please update this ASAP, not being able to make a room type inactive is a substantial issue and generally a standard PMS feature.

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when is this scheduled to be fixed? 

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