Ability to move a guest from one room to another on departure date

Current system definition does not allow moving a guest from one room to another on the day of their departure.   There are occasions in which that may need to happen.  Please update to allow room moves at any time of the stay.

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Any news on this? I consider this to be a request to fix, not a feature request, as I cannot fathom why this is not possible now. There are many circumstance that would cause us to having to move the guests on the day of departure.

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we would need that as well please, any news?

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Big time! Agreed 

SNT Team

Adding another reason for considering this feature is for Day Use rooms that are checked in and if the guest returns to the Front Desk and asks to be changed to another room, Rover does not allow the change.  The only way to switch rooms for a Day Use (also departing day res.) is to extend the departure date, change the room number, then change the date back to the original departure date.

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Would be nice if it was to be implemented.

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