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Reservation number populates before confirmed

The reservation should be confirmed when the last step is done and then reservation number should populate. Should be allowed to adjust number of guest in room and room category before final confirmation.

SNT Team

Hi Sharon,

The process currently works as intended. The reservation gets created and confirmed the moment you selected Room & Rates / Add ons and select BOOK. All steps thereafter have no influence on the booking process and follow later. There is no point to hold inventory until a user has filled in demographical data and other steps, so we have intentionally moved these steps to after reservation completion / confirmation.


SNT Product Team

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I disagree. Demographical data is essential when confirming a reservation. Without this data, market segmentation and sources are not correct. We rely heavily on source data as we use this for invoicing purposes. I had created ticket #65173 addressing this but was told this was not feasible to correct at this time. 

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