Occupancy with OOO

Would be great to see occupancy taking OOO into consideration on availability screen.

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This is so extremely necessary. If rooms are OOO it should properly reduce a hotel's total availability. This should show in reports - Business on the Books, Comparison report...etc. 

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Current calculation in SNT of the occupation%:

  1. "Occupancy  % in Stayntouch Cloud PMS is calculated by using [(occupied rooms / total hotel room count) x 100]—which does not take into consideration OOO rooms ".
Suppose there are 100 rooms, total count and 60 rooms are OOO. The total count of sellable rooms is 40 in this case.
suppose the remaining 40 rooms are all occupied. 
With the 'standard' occ % calculation as implemented in SNT, this gives 40/100*100=40
whereas it can be argued that the occupancy percentage is 40/(100-60)*100=100

It would be a definite plus to have a global parameter in Settings allowing SNT to calculate the occupancy percentage based on either the total number of rooms (as is currently the case) or the total number of rooms minus the OOO rooms. This would give a much needed flexibility.
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it ould be great to have OOO take the rooms out of inventory. Is this planned to happen any time soon? It shouldn't be taking in to the total occ % ither. With 100 room and 1 out of orderm, so 99 to sell, and 9 rooms are sold - this is 100% occypancy, not 99%

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