Add Guest ID Photo Capture and/or Signature with Mobile Check-In

Can StayNTouch add a feature on the mobile check in process where the person takes a photo with their phone of their ID or Passport?  And can we add the digital signature capture, where they could sign with their finger on the phone screen?  

If there was a photo capture ID and/or digital signature when the guest checks in on their mobile device, this would help hotels with recourse in terms of legal action against chargebacks that the individuals then contest.  This would help to prove at the very least that the people checking into the hotel with the cc they are using match.  

Without these two things, not only do we lose on the side of the credit merchant services, but also in the courts if we have to go after them individually.

SNT Team


Passport scan and Facial Recognition has been implemented. Signature is planned.

SNT Product Team

Forum User

Dear Team,

Is there any update for the signature?

Kind Regards

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