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Total reservation no taxes

I was wondering if there was a setting that will allow the user to see the price of a 2+ night stay without the taxes. 

For Example (Pictured below): If I wanted to give a quote to a customer for a 3 night stay before taxes, On the create reservation page, it would show the total before taxes


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We would like to the average daily rates appear without taxes on our confirmation letters as well. Is there any updates if this will be implemented soon?

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Confirmation emails are in dire need of expanded explanation of rates. Guests want to see (example):

4/24/2018 Deluxe King Room - $199.90
4/25/2018 Deluxe King Room - $189.90
4/26/2018 Deluxe King Room - $209.90

Subtotal: $599.70 

Occupancy Taxes and Fees: $71.96

Total Stay: $671.66

Basically what you show during making a reservation on each drop down room type for what is searched for when creating a reservation, but the confirmation email shows average daily rate to include taxes and this does not match the rate quoted to the guest over the phone and causes confusion. 

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Yes, please display the rate on the confirmation with taxes separately. It always confuses the guest which leads to greater inbound calls.


SNT Team

Thanks to everyone for your contribution and feedback. We are making some changes to the tax display / Total rate display this sprint so this should hopefully improve for you with the next release. 

SNT Product Team

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