UPDATE: Hotfix 3.0.3

A new minor code version was released to address the following issue(s):

  • Unable to locate a reservation with id=26615827 from PostReservationFutureTransactions/perform ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound (46307).
  • PMS: Cancel long stay reservations (92 nights) only possible after reducing the number of nights (46317).
  • Rover/Zest-Web: Cannot purchase the room upgrade (46361).
  • PMS: 3c sends correct information but displays the wrong information on the invoice and in the activity log when refunding a reservations with two cards (46434).
  • Need to update the logo's appearance on templates (46139).
  • PMS: When assigning other room type for 69 nights, the reservation times out (46319).
  • Improve functionality of edit reservation scenarios  (46322).
  • Make changes to raise payload[:errors].inspect if payload[:errors].present? in ota/processor.rb (46343).
  • Zest Web: Client specific work (45928, 45929, 46309). 
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