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Integration with RoomChecking


We would like an integration with 'RoomChecking', a solution that works with PMS and provides mobile communication and operations for hotels/aparthotels. The interface connects with the PMS, currently over 75 systems. In a nutshell this is the program we are looking for to better organize our housekeeping and maintenance departments. It will need an integration with our PMS.

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Just took a quick look at RoomChecking.  Looks cool, but some upgrades to the current housekeeping module would make it pretty much redundant.

It just needs to be:

  1. Faster.  Really slow to use right now, and super buggy.
  2. Maintenance and actions as assignable tasks.  Maybe this can be done already?  But it's not obvious if it is.
  3. Notifications.  This would be super helpful if there was an iPhone/iPod/Android app.
  4. Scheduling weekly/monthly/yearly maintenance tasks.

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We are currently working with Room Checking to allow them to integrate via our APIs we have provided them with information and a test environment to do the work in.

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This seems to be fully integrated now... so I guess is not in progress anymore.
We are thinking of implementing this solution for our property after seeing a demo today

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