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French language support

Unfortunately, due to strict language laws, we are required to have our software to be completely French compatible.  We actually don't really have any other choice but to switch if this isn't implemented by the end of the year. 

SNT Team

Hi Hans,

We can to date generate the confirmation letter to the guest in the French language. Is this something we can start with?

When you say you need to be French compatible, what is it exactly that you need? Guest facing stationary?

Many thanks,

SNT Product Team

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The language laws require that we must work in French. That means the entire PMS should be able to function in French. However, the urgent areas are anything guest facing, such as registration cards, and Zest. We've had to disable Zest due to guests complaints that it addresses them with "Dear François,..." For example.
SNT Team

All guest facing documents are now translatable. Entire system is on our roadmap but still a little further down the road.

SNT Team

Hi Hans,

Slowly but surely. The next release will see rates, add ons, charge code description, cxl & deposit policies translatable with the first doc being the confirmation letter, shortly followed by the invoices. 

Hope this will help you going forward.

Thanks for your continued feedback and activity here for our Product Team.

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