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Once a guest has checked in the balance goes away. We need to be able see an ongoing balance after a room has been checked in.

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This is incredibly annoying.  Only way to check it is by adding all the charges or generating a report.

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Hi Sherrie, Hi Hans,

We had several discussions around this topic. Current logic is that before you check the guest in, the balance shown is the balance considering the PROJECTED STAY COST less the DEPOSIT considering the number of nights and nightly rate. When you check in the guest, we only show the ACTUAL balance, which could be negative, in case of a deposit, or 0.00 if no nights of the stay have yet passed. Once End of Day posts a nightly charge this balance will change.

There are many different opinions on this subject matter. We welcome your thoughts - what would you like to see? If we show the projected stay cost throughout the stay, it is misleading as the amount has not actually been posted yet.

Many thanks

SNT Product Team

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Personally, what I would like to see is the projected total with tax, less any actual.

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What we need is a way to see that exact PROJECTED STAY COST, minus the deposit.

The question we need answered rapidly is when guests asks, "What is the total for my stay?"  They nearly ever ask 'What's the balance?"

While I understand why the actual current balance can be useful, it's not often that it's the exact info we need, until the day of check out of course, so even if it's misleading, what is currently displayed is not useful information.

My suggestion would be to display projected cost, and label it as such.

If you want, you could break it down:

-Current total:
-Projected total:

To me, this is overkill.  I just want the projected total where the current posted total is.  This is sufficient for me.  If I wanted all posted charges, I'd go into the bill.

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I agree with Hans. This is particularly a problem when extending a guest stay and you need to give the guest the new projected total. 

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Kokomo Suites, Park Place Hotel, and Madison Beach Motel would also like to see this functionality. Running a pro-forma invoice is a workaround but they would prefer that there was an easier way to quickly view this information post-check in from the stay card.

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The Sentral Group would also like to see this functionality.

After a reservation has been checked in, it is not easy to find the breakdown of the charges and balance aside from using the pro forma bill. When this is done, it still shows all charges separated, but would be helpful to have all charge codes rolled up so total accommodation fare, total tax, total fee etc. 

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