Ability to Update Based On Rate

We are requesting a change to the Based On rate configuration. 

Currently, the only areas you can edit are the +/-, value, or $/%. If we could change the Based-On Rate, it would also need to update the pricing - based on the new rates pricing from the rate manager.

Also the restrictions on that rate should remain the same. There would need to be a check to verify which room types are available for the new rate (and update this as well).

Forum User

I'm still waiting to clean up so many rate plans, and I'm about to leave the company! :( I know Development got stalled on this one, but it's so important.  I'm now leaving my colleague with a mess - or at least a very confusing system.  The same mess that was passed on to me after the install.  

This impacts my front desk team daily.

SNT Team

This will be addressed in the next 1-2 releases. Thanks to everyone for their patience - we are happy to finally get it on its way.

SNT Product Team

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Would like to request the ability to change the BASED ON / COPY FROM option in rate plans.  Hotels should be able to change which rates to derive off of at anytime as well as COPY from feature.  This would only apply to future dates and bookings once the change is made.  Existing rates would remain the same.

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