Add Cancellation Policy Description to the Confirmation Email

Currently, there is no way for the properties to include the cancellation and deposit policy that is associated with the rate on a reservation. 

It would be nice to have a place in the configuration settings to include the Cancellation and Deposit policy description (possibly in the confirmation email) that guests receive when they make a reservation. 

Why? Guests need to know the cancellation / deposit policy associated with their reservation or the property might not be able to enforce these rules (if the guest was not told about them in the confirmation email).

SNT Team

Good news - this is almost done!! Keep an eye out for it in our release notes...

Forum User

I hope the way it is implemented is aware of the Rate policies.

SNT Team

Hello Hans, yes, it will look at the rule added to each rate unless you have a cancellation rule set to 'Apply to All'. This feature has been released on Wednesday, hope this helps your operation going forward.

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