Rover Overlay: Functionality Guide with OPERA

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Functionality Guide with OPERA

This document describes the actions and messages currently supported when interfacing Rover Overlay with OPERA. Many issues that appear to be bugs in Rover Overlay are actually the result of OPERA Web Service (OWS) limitations. We've denoted any functionality limitations that are OPERA version specific with an asterisk (*) below. 

Please review the items in this list before submitting a ticket to our support team.




Intended Functionality

Shared Rooms

Shared rooms are counted individually in Rover Overlay. This is expected behavior that can impact your Dashboard Counts in Rover Overlay.

Accompanying Guests

Reservations with accompanying guests will be counted as a single reservation in Rover Overlay.




Intended Functionality

Reservation Retrieval                                 

The speed at which reservations are retrieved and listed in Rover Overlay is determined by your OPERA Report Scheduler settings. Depending on the frequency set for your reports, this load time can span between 5 and 30 minutes.

Stay Card

Selecting a reservation’s Stay Card will load information in real-time.



Intended Functionality

Reservation Details
Users can make changes to the reservation’s first name, last name, address, telephone number, and email address. Edits made in Rover Overlay will update in OPERA.


Access messages, traces, alerts, and specials created in OPERA with the Actions button in Rover Overlay. Users can edit, change, and resolve these actions in Rover Overlay. To add traces in Rover Overlay, trace departments must be configured. Once configured, traces will also transfer to OPERA.


Access comments created in OPERA with the Notes button in Rover Overlay. Users may also add or delete Notes in Rover Overlay.
The guest’s membership type and membership level will transfer from OPERA into Rover Overlay.

Arrival / Departure Time

Rover Overlay can display the reservation’s arrival time and departure time. This information cannot be updated in Rover Overlay due to OPERA Web Services (OWS) limitations.

Accompanying Guests 

Rover Overlay can display the names as well as the number of accompanying guests (adults, children, infants) associated with the reservation. Accompanying guest details cannot be edited or updated in Rover Overlay.

If a reservation is a member of a group in OPERA, the group’s name will appear in Rover Overlay. These details cannot be edited or updated in Rover Overlay. 

Room Assignment 

Rover Overlay can change or re-assign the room type and/or room number.


If a guest is queued in Rover Overlay, the update will appear in OPERA, as well.

External Reference Number 

Rover Overlay can display the external reference number associated with a reservation (only after additional report imports have been configured). Once configured, external reference numbers appear in the reservation listing as well as on the Stay Card. The external reference number cannot be edited in Rover Overlay.



Intended Functionality

Update Payment MethodUsers can update and add new payments manually or with a credit card swiper in Rover Overlay. Additional configuration is required to manually update payment methods. Rover Overlay is not configured to accept or settle folios for cash payments.

Bill / Guest Folio

In Rover Overlay, users can only make changes to the payment method on bill #1. Rover Overlay cannot update the payment method for any additional bills on the guest’s folio. (*) If a reservation has multiple bills configured in OPERA, those bill windows will display in Rover Overlay. 

Moving ChargesRover Overlay can move charges to another bill if additional bill windows have already been created in OPERA. Rover Overlay cannot create new bills or move a charge to a different reservation, group, account, travel agent, or company.
DepositRover Overlay can display and collect the guest's deposit and balance in Rover.
Rate / PackagesRover Overlay can display rate and package information, but users cannot edit this information in Rover Overlay.
Bill RoutingBill routing details appear in Rover Overlay, but users cannot edit this information in Rover Overlay.


Intended Functionality 
OPERA Room Status (OOO/OOS)

*In situations where OPERA users are unable to check a guest into a clean room, AND the room was previously marked as OOO/OOS, the following should be adopted at the property:

Users may continue to place rooms into OOO/OOS in OPERA; however, when placing a room back "in service", users should update the room's status to PICKUP, instead of DIRTY. 

Please note: This issue only occurs with certain OPERA versions and is most commonly observed within a few days of bringing a room back "in service". Please disregard this course of action if the property does not receive an error message when checking guests into clean rooms that were previously marked as OOO/OOS.

Ready/Not Ready Status

Rooms can be updated with a Clean, Dirty, Pickup, or Inspected status (when configured to use inspected/pickup). 

Rooms will display either a “vacant” or “occupied” status on the Room Status page.  
Front Desk Status

Depending on the assignment status of the room, Rover Overlay will display the room’s front desk status (i.e., assigned to a stayover guest, due-in guest, due-out guest, etc.).




No Post Setting                                                                                                                                       

The no post setting in OPERA can be configured to prevent charges from being added to the guest’s room. This setting appears as either a “room charge enabled” or “room charge disabled” button in Rover Overlay. A room charge can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the room charge enabled/disabled button during the check-in process in Rover Overlay.

Authorization Rule                                       

Rover Overlay: Rover Overlay will honor the existing authorization rule set in OPERA until check-in is complete. And because payment type updates are ONLY delivered as a part of the check-in message, Rover Overlay does not update the authorization rule until check-in is complete (i.e., when the "complete check-in" button is selected). 

Note: In situations where a Rover Overlay user is updating the payment method from cash to a credit card during a check-in, OPERA will not collect authorization on the card. However, when updating the payment method from a credit card to a new credit card during a check-in with Rover Overlay, OPERA will collect the authorization as per the predefined rule in OPERA.   

Zest: OPERA by default sets the authorization rule to rule #1 when the payment type is updated during Zest check-in. This update only occurs in Zest, not in Rover Overlay.

Generate Zero Bill

This OPERA setting will either allow or prevent users from checking out a guest with an empty folio in Rover Overlay. An empty folio has no entries or charges posted against it. 

(*) ON: For Rover Overlay properties that would like to be able to check out guests with an empty folio, this setting should be left ON in OPERA. When Generate Zero Bill is ON, the Print Folio setting also needs to be ON in OPERA. 

(*) OFF: Rover Overlay users will be prevented from checking-out a guest with an empty folio if this setting is OFF in Opera. A workaround for this is to post a charge (-/+ 0.01 ¢) to the guest’s bill, which will allow the user to successfully check out the guest in Rover Overlay. This posting can be automated in Rover Overlay by selecting a default charge code from the dropdown menu in Post Zero Charge on Bill if No Entries area (located under Settings > Interfaces > External PMS Web Services).

Hold Room

Hold rooms codes (AKA room condition codes) must be marked as “display in room assignment” in OPERA to display in Rover Overlay. Rover Overlay will honor this setting by preventing any "hold rooms" from being listed during room assignment, and the room number will display as "striked out" under housekeeping. The hold room report import must be configured for this capability to be available in Rover Overlay.

Guest Pay Only

Due to OWS capabilities, Rover Overlay does not display the “guest pay only” balance. As a result, all charges that accumulate on the guest’s balance will appear, even in cases where routing has been configured for the guest. Rover Overlay does not receive information from OPERA that details or breaks down the guest’s balance. At any point, Rover Overlay can show the outstanding guest pay total (which includes all charges and rate details), but not the “guest pay only” balance.

Global Alerts

Due to OWS limitations, Global Alerts from OPERA do not appear in Rover Overlay.


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