StayNTouch PMS Overlay Release (v1.24)

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StayNTouch PMS Overlay Release (v1.24)

Effective: 10 November 2016 

Hello team,

The following new features are now available in StayNTouch PMS Overlay. 

Please share these notes with all the StayNTouch PMS Overlay users at your hotel. 


Thank you, 

The StayNTouch Team


NEW ADDITION!  StayNTouch PMS Overlay now displays the external reference number associated with a reservation. As a result, StayNTouch PMS Overlay users will notice the following updates:
  1. Users can now locate a reservation by its external reference number; type five or more numbers into the search bar to begin reviewing matching results in StayNTouch PMS Overlay. 
  2. If the reservation has both a confirmation number and external reference number on file, StayNTouch PMS Overlay will display the external reference number in the list of returned reservations (see Figure 1). 
  3. The external reference number will also appear on the reservation's Stay Card (see Figure 2). 
  4. The external reservation number seen in StayNTouch PMS Overlay is the reservation's primary external reference number. Even if multiple reference numbers exist, only the primary number is sent from OPERA to StayNTouch PMS Overlay. 
  5. The external reference number cannot be edited in StayNTouch PMS Overlay.

Figure 1

Figure 2

WOW!  Need to quickly retrieve a list of reservations in StayNTouch PMS Overlay? The StayNTouch PMS Overlay Dashboard has been improved to return matching reservation results faster than before - even for our larger properties with many reservations on file.


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