Channel Manager Guide

Modified on: Wed, 23 Jan, 2019 at 2:43 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

Channel Manager Guide

If your property would like to manage which rates display for a specific channel, it is now possible to manage these rates from the Channel Manager page in Rover PMS. A designated Rover-user must select a public rate and toggle ON the rate to ensure the rate can be viewed. Additional settings, such as specifying the room type for the rate may also be managed from this page.

Step 1. Navigate to Rover Settings
  • From the Sidebar Menu, select settings.

Step 2. Select Rates > Channel Manager 
  • Choose Rates and then Channel Manager

Step 3. Toggle On & Click Internet Booking Engine
  • There will be a list of channels from which to choose. 
  • On any channel to which you are publishing rates, enable the Status toggle to ON (right-facing, green). For example, in this scenario, Internet Booking Engine, ZDirect OTA, and TravelTripper OTA are all enabled.
  • Next, click directly on the Channel you'd like to manage. In this example, I will select the Internet Booking Engine channel.

Step 4. Click + Add Rate
  • Select the + Add Rate to Channel Manager text that displays in green.


Step 5. Select Rate 
  • Select the rate you'd like to manage from the dropdown menu provided.

Step 6. Manage Rooms
  • Make additional adjustments by dragging and dropping the rooms you'd like included or excluded from availability checks. 

Step 7. Click Add Rule
  • Choose the green Add Rule button.

  • If for any reason in the future, you'd like to completely remove a rate you've added, simply click the toggle to "OFF" for the specific rate.
  • Rooms that display in the list with an "active" setting (aka toggle ON) will appear on the IBE channel. 

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