How to Pair the iCMP Device and iPad

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How to Pair the iCMP Device and iPad

The iCMP Ingenico device is a credit card reader and room key encoder for the iPad. These instructions will show you how to pair or (when necessary) un-pair your iCMP device with an iPad. This process takes no more than 1 minute to complete.




Before You Get Started

  • The Rover App needs to be downloaded onto the iPad first. Make sure you can locate the Rover App on the iPad before beginning the pairing process. 
  • If the iCMP was previously paired to another device, unpair first by pressing the F key 4+ times until the display shows BT Pairing Required

One iCMP Per iPad

  • It is only possible to pair one iCMP device with one iPad. 
  • We recommend creating label stickers for paired devices, so the hotel staff will always have the correct iCMP device with the correct iPad. 
                         Example: (iCMP #1 and iPad #1, iCMP #2, and iPad #2)

Turn on the iPad’s Bluetooth Settings 

Step 1. Navigate to the iPad's Settings App

  • Open the Settings application on the iPad.

Step 2. Press the Bluetooth Button 

  • Select Bluetooth.

Step 3. Toggle ON

  • Click the toggle to turn ON
  • Stay on the Settings screen.

Pair the iCMP and iPad Devices

Step 1. Turn ON the iCMP Device

  • Press the ON button on the side of the iCMP device. 
  • The ON button is located beside the charging port.

Step 2. Wait for the iCMP Home Screen

  • Wait for the screen to fade to the BT Pairing Required message (ignore the copyright message).
  • Once you see the BT Pairing Required message, you’re ready to begin pairing.

Step 3. Begin Pairing by Pressing the F1 Key (4x times)

  • Press the F1 key to begin pairing.
  • The iCMP will display a list of active Bluetooth Devices.

Step 4. Select Your Device

  • On the iCMP device, highlight the iPad with which the device is being paired and press the green Enter key
  • Note: As you can see from the example, this iPad's name is "iPad Black". You can find the name of your iPad on the Bluetooth Settings page. 

Additional iCMP Buttons:

                F2:  Use the F2 key to Scroll Up

                F3:  Press the F3 key to Scroll Down

                F1:  Use the F1 key to Page Up

                F4:  Press the F4 key to Page Down

Step 5. Now Displaying: Your PIN Number

  • Now, the iCMP will generate and display a unique, secure pairing PIN number.
  • Example PIN: 58141911

Step 6. Enter Your PIN and Press Pair

  • Now your iPad will automatically display a blank numeric entry screen.
  • Enter your PIN number exactly as it appears on the iCMP.
  • Press Pair on the iPad.

Step 7. Allow the iPad to Connect

  • The iPad device will display the iCMP name and show the status of the pairing process. 
  • Once completed, a Connected message will appear.

Step 8. iCMP Shows StayNTouch
  • The iCMP screen will display the StayNTouch logo when the device has successfully paired with iPad.
  • Note: This may take a few seconds after the iPad display shows a Connected status. Please be patient while the devices complete pairing. 

Step 9. Success! 

  • Both the iPad and the iCMP are successfully paired when the following screens display: 
     iPad: The iCMP Device Number appears as Connected on the iPad. 

 iCMP: The StayTouch logo appears on the iCMP device.

Additional iCMP Buttons

Turn OFF the iCMP Device 

  • Press and hold the yellow button and the # button.  

Cancel Pairing 

  • To cancel the pairing process, press the red button.

How to Un-Pair the iCMP and iPad

Until an un-pairing action is taken, paired devices (like the iCMP and iPad) will remain paired with one other. 

*Normal business operations should not require un-pairing; however, situations may arise where the iPad device fails or the battery becomes discharged. This section describes the un-pairing process in special cases where it becomes necessary to un-pair.

Note: The un-pairing process must be performed on both the iPad and iCMP devices – starting with the iCMP device – before pairing to another iPad device can be accomplished. 

Step 1. Press the F Key (4x times) to Unpair

  • Press the F key four+ times to unpair the iCMP device. There will be a few consecutive beeps. 


Step 2. Check Screen: Final Step for iCMP

  • Once the device is unpaired, the iCMP device will display the message BT Pairing Required.

Step 3. Open Bluetooth Settings on the iPad

  • Open the Settings application on the iPad to remove the BT pairing from the iPad, as well.

Step 4. Press the Bluetooth Button

  • Select Bluetooth.


Step 5. Press the "i" Info Button

  • At the far right hand side of the iPad screen, press the "i" info button

Step 6. Forget This Device

  • A screen will appear on the iPad device that reads, "Forget This Device." Press the "Forget This Device" button

Step 7. Confirm Action on iPad

  • A message will appear to confirm that you'd like to "Forget this Device." Click OK to confirm the step.

Step 8. Check Display: Final Step for iPad

  • The un-pairing step is complete when the iCMP device no longer shows on the Bluetooth iPad screen.

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