Rover Overlay New Features (Version 1.19)

Modified on: Tue, 28 Jun, 2016 at 2:53 PM

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Hello Team, 

The following new features are now available in Rover PMS. Please share this email with all the Rover users at your hotel and let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you, 

The STayNTouch Team

                                                                                                NEW FEATURES INCLUDE 

Room Assignment                    Report Enhancements



Now Displaying All Room Types: During the room assignment process, all of the hotel’s room types now display in the drop down menu on the Room Assignment screen. 

This feature has been updated in Rover to better assist hotel staff with locating rooms for guests. In cases where a new room type and room number are selected, the user will be prompted with a message to either (a) charge or (b) not charge the guest for an upgraded room type.



Mobile Check In Report: The Mobile Check In Report is a new addition to the reports page that allows the user to track and compare mobile check-in activity. With this report, the user may track the number of guests that successfully complete mobile check-in with Rover. The report summarizes data for multiple actions throughout check-in, but most notably: mobile check-in and auto-check in.

  • Mobile check-in occurs when the guest chooses to begin “pre-check in” from their mobile device and alerts the hotel of their estimated arrival time. 
  • Auto check-in occurs when instructions for key retrieval are sent to the guest. (An email may notify the guest to pick up their keys from the front desk or create keys with a QR Code). Rover then tracks the total number of guests that complete “auto check-in” through Rover.

    Because certain hotels may use a separate PMS to complete check-in, there may be a noted difference between the total number of mobile check-ins and auto-check ins. For example, if the guest completes mobile check in and arrives at the hotel’s front desk, the front desk agent may complete check-in with a separate PMS. Rover cannot pull data from another PMS, so this information will not be recorded in the Mobile Check In Report.

    Room Upsell Report: Users may now view a summary of the hotel’s total room upsell performance in the Room Upsell Report. Some of the more notable details this report tracks include: How many arriving guests were offered an upsell option. The total number of guests that agreed to the upsell option. The total revenue generated from the upsell activity.

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