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How to Check In a Guest in Rover Overlay 

Check-in is the process of announcing a guest(s) arrival at your hotel. Depending on your property’s unique Rover configurations (coupled with the details of the individual guest’s reservation), you may notice slight differences during check-in. Listed below are a few examples of settings that may affect Rover's check-in process: 

  • Room Assignment: Does the arriving guest have a room, or does the front desk agent need to assign one? 
  • Room Upgrade/Upsell: Does your hotel want to offer room upsell options during check-in? 
  • Queue or Advanced Queue: Is the Queue setting enabled for your property?
  • Key Creation: How does your hotel create and administer guest’s room keys?

Step 1. Locate the Reservation

  • Begin Check-in by retrieving the arriving guest’s reservation from the Dashboard page. 
  • In most cases, a user will retrieve a reservation by entering the guest's reservation details into the Search Bar or from the Arrivals page.

  • The user may search for a reservation in the Search Bar by entering any of the following:
            o Guest's name (Rover needs just two letters to begin pulling results)

                                    Guest's room number (Rover needs at least one number to search by room number) 

            o Confirmation number or external reference number (five number minimum)

Step 2. Stay Card

  • After selecting the arriving guest’s reservation, Rover will open up the guest’s Stay Card.
  • The Stay Card for an arriving guest is denoted with a green Check In button.

Step 3. Registration Page

  • After selecting the Check In button, Rover will direct the user to the Registration page. 
  • The Registration page is where:

1. The guest agrees to your hotel’s Terms & Conditions.

2. The guest’s signature is collected.

3. The guest’s payment type can be updated. Learn how to update the payment method here. 

Note: There are cases where Rover will prompt the user to complete additional actions before check-in can be completed (room assignment, room upsell, or collecting guest payment). 

Step 4. Assign the Guest a Room (Required for Check-in)

  • If the arriving guest still needs to be assigned a room, Rover will prompt the user to assign a room type and room number to the guest on the Room Assignment screen prior to check-in.  

  • The user can also assign a room by clicking the Room section on the Stay Card.

Step 5. Upsell/Upgrade Room Type (Optional) 

  • If the Upsell Rooms setting is turned on for your hotel, upgrade options will display on the Room Assignment page.
  • Rover can be configured to force upsell options. To learn more about the upsell setting, click here.


Step 6. Collect Guest Signature/Terms and Conditions

  • Once on the Registration page, present the iPad/tablet to the guest. 
  • Depending on your hotel’s Rover settings, your hotel may require the guest's signature and agreement to your property's Terms and Conditions.
  • Select the Complete Check-in button.


Step 7. Create Room Keys

  • Rover makes it easy for your hotel to manage how room keys are created. You may choose either to:

  1. Create keys from the iPad with the iCMP Ingenico device.
  2. Scan a QR code at a designated Zest Station. The QR Code can be emailed to guest or the iPad/tablet. 

Option 1: 


Option 2: 

Step 8. Check-in Complete

  • You’ve successfully completed check-in when the guest’s Stay Card displays a Check Out button and their reservation appears in the Stayovers page. 

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