Rover Overlay New Features (Version 1.18)

Modified on: Tue, 8 Nov, 2016 at 10:17 AM

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Hello Team,

The following new features are now available in Rover PMS. Please share with all Rover users at your hotel and let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you,

The StayNTouch Team


Enhanced Search & Filter: The Search Bar and Filter have been improved to help the user locate reservations faster. These enhancements were made to better assist the user with locating a specific reservation in Rover. 

Begin a Search by entering the following:
       · Two letters to locate a guest's name 
       · As few as one number to search by the guest's room number
       · Typing five numbers to find the confirmation number
       · First Name Last Name (Ex. Lisa Adams)
       · Last Name, First Name (Ex. Lisa, Adams)

Rover Search Results now include
    · Confirmation number or external reference number
    · Departure date for all arriving reservations
    · Room number
    · Room type
    · A display change for the status of the room will now appear as Vacant or Due Out in red beside the room                     number. 

Room Type Filter: Additionally, the user can now filter search results by Room Type. 

New Name for Dashboard Button: The Pre-Check In button on the dashboard screen has been renamed Mobile Check In. Moving forward, this button and the page header will now appear with the label Mobile Check In.

New Entries Tracked in Activity Log: For hotels using Zest Web Check-In, the following actions in the guest’s Activity Log will now display:
             · An entry detailing when the guest successfully completes pre-checkin and a note indicating the guest’s arrival                  time
             · A record for the date, time, and email address that the hotel’s welcome/room-ready message was sent to the                      guest. 
As a reminder, you can locate the guest’s Activity Log at the bottom of their Stay Card. 

Country Selection for Zest Check-In: On the Address Details screen during Zest Web Check-In, guests need to select their country. Previously, the list only appeared in alphabetical order. Now, to make it quick and easy for guests to select their country name, it will be possible for the hotel to enter a set number of countries to appear at the top of the list and sort the display order based on countries where most of their guests are from. 

Contact the StayNTouch Team to configure this setting for your hotel here.


Reports Section New Layout: Rover now provides a Search Bar on top of the reports section. When a user searches for a specific report (minimum of three characters) the list of reports is filtered automatically to quickly find a report instead of scrolling through the list of all available reports.

Further Enhancements: Additionally, the Report Options now appear on the right hand side of the screen when a report is clicked instead of within the list of reports. By editing the configuration options in this column, Rover will generate a report tailored to the user’s particular search filters.


Email or Print Invoice for Guest: If an in-house guest has a remaining balance due at the time of check out, the user can select the Invoice button to email or print the invoice for the guest. 

For assistance with set up, please email the StayNTouch Team here to get started or learn more about this feature here (include your hotel's name in the body of your email as well)You can also learn more about this feature here.


Print Button Enabled: The new Print Registration Card button allows the user to print a copy of the registration card and a copy of the guest’s signature. 

For assistance with set up, contact the StayNTouch Team here to configure this setting (include your hotel's name in the body of your email as well). You can also learn more about this feature here.

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