Upsell Late Check Out

Modified on: Thu, 16 Mar, 2017 at 1:27 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay


Late Check Out upsell offers may be offered to guests who use Zest Mobile Check-Out.  When turned ON and available (based on allotted max number of late check-out upsells allowed), guests will be offered the option to Check Out Later.  

When selected, up to three late check-out time/price options will be presented based on setup. Go to Settings > Promos & Upsell > Upsell Late Check Out.                     

LATE CHECKOUT UPSELL -  Turn ON /OFF Upsell Late Checkout.

EXCLUDE GUESTS IN PRE ALLOCATED ROOMS - Mark box to exclude offer from being shown to guests departing from rooms that are already assigned to incoming reservations.  

CHARGE CODE - Select charge code that will be used to post the late check-out charge when a late check-out time is selected by guests. 

CHECKOUT TIME EXTENEDED - Enter up to three late check-out times and a corresponding price for each late check-out time, which will be posted to the guest folio automatically when a late check-out time is selected. 

NUMBER OF LATE CHECKOUTS PER DAY - Enter the maximum number of late check-outs per day that can be purchased by guests.

LIMITED LATE CHECK OUTS BY ROOM TYPE - Select a room type from the drop-down and select ADD ROOM TYPE.  In the 'MAX PER DAY' box, enter the maximum number of late check-outs allowed for that specific room type.  Use 0-zero to exclude a room type entirely. 

SAVE CHANGES - Be sure to save settings. 


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