Rover Overlay, version 1.14

Modified on: Wed, 9 Dec, 2015 at 7:16 AM

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New Features Added to Rover on Dec. 9, 2015: 

  • Forgot Password 
  • Zest Web Check In Day Before Arrival 
  • Rover Room Ready Auto Check In &
  • Room Ready Email Notification
  • Rover Check-in Requirement Options 
  • Web Check In Conversion by Day Report

FORGOT PASSWORD  A 'Forgot Password' link has been added to the Rover login page. Users can enter their email address and click on the link to receive an email to reset password.  The email will come from with the title 'From StayNTouch: Password Reset Confirmation'.   

  • Copy and paste the temporary password provided in the email and click on the link to unlock the account. 
  • Paste the temporary password into the current password field 
  • Create and enter a new password twice
  • Select 'Reset My Password'

The new password can be used moving forward, until the next time Rover prompts to rest your password (occurs every 90 days).


Forgot PW link email reset

For hotels offering Zest Web Check-in using PRE-CHECK with AUTO CHECK IN settings, there is an additional option to send the web check-in email to guests on the day before arrival. This option can help reach more guests before they begin their journey to the hotel, hence help increase the number of guests that opt to use web check-in. 

When emails are sent to both today's and tomorrow's arrivals, guests who complete web check-in the day before arrival will be excluded from receiving another email on day of arrival.  

Go to Menu > Settings > Zest > Check In to specify time to send email to guests for day before and day of arrival.

A solid orange box is used to indicate reservations checked in via Zest Web that are due to arrive the next day.


Rover​'s​ automation helps front desk staff take care of guests efficiently when rooms are not ready upon guest's arrival. By using the 'Room Ready Auto Check In' and 'Room Ready Notification' functions along with the 'Advanced Queue' function, a room placed into queue status, by staff using Rover, will automatically be checked in once the assigned room becomes available. The need for guests to come back to the front desk to complete check-in after their room becomes available is eliminated at hotels that give guests keys upon placing room in queue and at hotels with a key dispenser. 

Hotel Admin level user can activate settings. Go to Menu > Settings > Rooms >Housekeeping.  On the Housekeeping Setup page, turn ON:

  • ENABLE ADVANCED QUEUE:Provides ability to take care of registration (update credit card, guest signature and agreement to T&C) when placing reservation in queue status 

  • ROOM READY NOTIFICATION: An email is sent to the guest once Rover completes auto check-in. Can be used at hotels where room keys are given to the guest upon placing the reservation into queue status and at hotels with a key dispenser.

  • ROOM READY AUTO CHECK-IN:Rover will check the reservation into the assigned room as soon as housekeeping updates the room to ready/inspected status.

  • Note: If you are interested in using Room Ready Auto Check-in with Room Ready Notification and do not already use Zest Web Check-in, please email  A Room Ready email notification template will need to be created for your hotel.   

A user with Hotel Admin rights can update the following settings which will affect the check-in and advanced queue process for Rover check-ins done by the front desk.  Please note, these settings will not affect Zest Web check-ins. 

  •  Disable Terms and Conditions at Check In:  
    Go to  Menu >Settings > Reservations >Reservation Settings to disable.  There is also an option to disable CC swipe at check-in and the Email/Phone dialogue.

  • Guest Signature Requirement: 
    Go to Menu > Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details to select preferred setting.

Similar to the Web Conversion by Month, this report shows a break down by day with totals at the top for the selected date range.

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