Zest Web/Online Check-In and Check-Out Overview

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With Zest Web, arriving and departing guests may self-check-in/out using their own personal device. In order to use Zest, StayNTouch will create templates and load them for your hotel’s use, based on your hotel/brand requirements and website look/feel, and include the hotel's logo in the header. In sample screen shots below, the StayNTouch logo has been used. 



Once templates are in place, your hotel can send guests an email with a link inviting:

  • Arriving guests to check-in prior to arrival at the hotel
  • Departing guests to check-out on the morning of departure.
  • Alternatively, guests may visit a specific web page, called the Direct URL will allow them to complete check-in or check-out without having to receive an email.  


During initial setup, recommendation is to first complete setup by selecting and saving preferred settings, and then once ready, update the settings to send automated emails to arrivals and departures. It is possible to manually send emails to desired guests ad hoc and for testing purposes. Also, certain guests may be excluded from receiving the emails, and the auto-sending function can be turned off. 

Please note, in order to send Zest Web check-in invitations to all qualifying reservations, including those where a room has not been assigned, toggle ON PRE-CHECK-IN ONLY from Settings > Zest > Check-In.


Guests may access mobile check-in via email sent to them and then entering departure date and last 4-digits of their credit card number (if on file as payment method) or by visiting the web page to enter their verification information.  


Check-In Email
Check-In Email Verification
or Check-In Direct URL Check-out Email



Once guest enters their reservation information for verification, they will go through the check-in flow.  Upsell offers will display when option is turned ON and available. 

Stay Detail Summary
Room Upgrade Offer
Guest Arrival Time
Early Check-In Offer
Mobile check-In Complete



Room Upsell  - Will be offered based on higher category room(s) availability. Also, room status must be ready at the time guest does mobile check-in for offer to be shown. 


Early Check-in Offers - Availability is based on max number of early check-ins allocated, total for day and/or by room type. Once limit is reached, offer will no longer appear.


When early check-in upsell is turned on and available, guests will have the option to:  or change their arrival time. 

  • Purchase Early Check-in - early check-in charge will post automatically on the guest bill and guest will be able to successfully complete mobile check-in process.   
  • Change Arrival Time - the earliest time available will be the early check-in upsell 'end time'. 
When early check-in upsell is turned on but is not available because max number of early check-in upsells have been reached and/or due to exclusion settings, guest will have option to enter a later arrival time starting at the early check-in upsell 'end time'.



Early Check-In Offer
Purchase Early Check-In
Change Arrival Time



Guests who opt to use mobile check-out via email will be asked to first verify their room number in order to proceed. Alternatively, guests may opt to visit a webpage (Direct URL) to enter verification information to proceed.  

Check-Out Email

Check-Out Email Verification
Check-Out Direct URL


Guest Mobile Check-Out Flow - After entering verification information, guests can choose to check-out now, or select a later check-out if offered and available. 


Upsell Opportunities During Check-Out  - Offer to check-out later will only be offered until max limit is reached when Upsell Late Check-out is turned ON. Max limits can be placed for total number of late check-outs for the day as well as by room type. 


Check-Out Now 
Check-Out Later
Late Check-Out Options
Late Check-Out Purchased
Review Bill & Accept Charges

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