Room Ready: Auto Check-In and Notification

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Room Ready: Auto Check-In and Notification


There are two options to put rooms into queue status.


 Go to Settings > Housekeeping to turn the setting for ENABLE ADVANCED QUEUE ON or OFF .  


If ready rooms are not available, assign a not ready room and then select Put In Queue, and the reservation will be placed into Queue status. Note that once room is in queue status, the option will change to Remove From Queue (in case there is a need to remove from queue status).  

Guest registration (prompt to swipe guest's credit card, agree to terms and conditions, and guest signature) will need to be completed during the check-in process. 


After PUT IN QUEUE is selected, Rover will direct to assign a room if one has not already been assigned, prompt to get credit card swipe, and have the guest agree to terms and sign on the iPad. This way, most of the check-in registration process can be handled when the guest first arrives, even when a ready room is not available. 

The check-in button can then be used to complete the check-in. Since the guest's registration will have been completed when placing the room into queue status, upon check-in, Rover will confirm credit card authorization, complete check-in into the room, and generate keys (email QR code to guest if using key dispenser or prompt agent to encode keys if using RFID encoder). 

Enable Advanced Queue setting may be used alone or along with Room Ready Auto Check-in and Room Ready Notification. When all three are turned on and used together, Rover's automation helps front desk staff take care of guests efficiently when rooms are not ready upon guest's arrival.

Along with Advance Queue turned ON, the following can be used: 

1. ROOM READY AUTO CHECK-IN: When setting is turned ON, Rover will automatically check in reservations with a not ready room assigned that are placed in queue as soon as housekeeping updates the room to ready/inspected status. 

Hotel Admin level user can activate settings. Go to Settings > Rooms > Housekeeping. On the Housekeeping Setup page, turn ON:  

2. ROOM READY NOTIFICATION: When this setting is turned ON, an email is sent to the guest once Rover completes auto check-in of a queued reservation. This feature can be used at hotels where room keys are given to the guest upon placing the reservation into queue status and at hotels with a key dispenser. It will eliminate the need for the guest to come back to the front desk to complete check-in and/or to obtain room keys.


For the Room Ready Notification email, proper key delivery sender Settings > Rooms > Room Key Delivery needs to be saved. At hotels that give the keys to the guest upon placing them in queue (and do not have a key dispenser), "Deliver message to guest to pick up key from front desk" should be selected.  

Note: The email the guest will receive is hardcoded to say "Your room is now available. You can proceed directly to your room with the keys you have received. If you need any assistance please visit our agents in the lobby."

At hotels with a key dispenser, "Deliver QR code for room key via email" should be selected.


  • Guest arrives for check-in before a room is ready. 
    • Reservation is put in queue status (ENABLE ADVANCED QUEUE is turned ON) so that guest registration is completed and a "not ready" room is assigned, payment handled, guest signature and agreement to T&C obtained, and keys are given to guest.
    • Guest can leave the property or stay to enjoy access to onsite services while waiting for their room.
    • Housekeeping puts blocked/queued room into inspected status.
    • Rover will auto check the reservation into the blocked, now ready room (ROOM READY AUTO CHECK-IN also needs to be turned ON).
    • Rover auto-sends Room Ready email to guest w/ room number (ROOM READY NOTIFICATION also needs to be turned ON).
    • At a hotel with a key dispenser, the guest can scan the QR code in the Welcome/Room Ready email to obtain keys for access to their room. At a hotel where keys were given to the guest upon placing into queue status, the guest will find out their room number in the email is so they will know what room is theirs. 


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