Rover Overlay - New Features Added (Release notes v1.13.0)

Modified on: Mon, 29 Feb, 2016 at 11:16 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

The following new features have been added to Rover. 

  •  Actions: Alerts, Specials & Traces 
  • Register Guest into Queued Room 
  • Balance Due for Upsell   

  • Late Check-out Key Expiry

  • Update Room Status at Check-out

  • Room Status List View


On the Stay Card Alerts, Specials and Traces can be accessed by selecting the ACTIONS button.  In the Actions window, it will be possible to: 

  • Create a new Action which will appear as a Trace
  • View / delete existing Alerts
  • View Specials/requests
  • View, re-assign and edit Traces

When a room is not ready for check-in, selecting 'Put in Queue' will prompt to take care of the guest's registration. Rover will prompt to get credit card swipe and have the guest agree to terms and sign on the iPad. This way, most of the check-in will now be handled when the guest first arrives. Once the room is ready, Rover will only need to confirm credit card authorization, complete check-in into the room and generate keys (email QR code to guest if using key dispenser or prompt agent to encode keys if using RFID encoder). 

When a guest opts to purchase an upgrade, the amount due on the Stay Card and in the Deposit/Balance window will update to include the additional charge for the upgrade.


To help with determining the priority of which rooms to clean first, two items have been added to the display 
of Housekeeping - Room Status list view.

  • Queued Room icon 
  • Arrival Time - For rooms assigned to guests who have completed Zest Web Check-in, the expected time of arrival that guests enter when completing web check-in is shown.


A couple of improvements have been made to aid both the Housekeeping and Front Desk departments when the setting 'Enable room status update on check-out' is turned ON.  

  • POST HOUSEKEEPING CHECK-OUT:  The prompt to enable room status update has been added to appear on the screen when a Housekeeping check-out is done, which is similar to the prompt that has been available when front desk check-out is done.  It will allow the user to check the room out and then immediately update the room status.  Default is on 'Not to Ready' with an option to select 'Ready'  if necessary before selecting 'OK'. 

    On the room status update prompt for Front Desk, the current housekeeping room status has been added.  Since system default is to put the room into dirty status upon check-out, this enhancement will help prevent a room from being put back into dirty status when the room has already been cleaned before the check-out is completed. If the user sees that the 'CURRENT ROOM STATUS: READY' the user will know to update status to 'Ready' before selecting 'OK'. 

  • SETTING TO ENABLE ROM STATUS UPDATE:  A Hotel Admin level user may update setting to show prompt. Go to: 
        -  Menu -> Settings >- Rooms  
        -  Select Housekeeping 
        -  Mark the 'Enable room status update on checkout' box  
        -  Save Changes

Note: When the box is checked, the prompt to update room status will be shown after both Front Desk and Housekeeping check-outs. 

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