Rover Overlay, Version 1.8.0

Modified on: Mon, 29 Feb, 2016 at 11:17 PM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

Enhancements included in Rover update version 1.8.0 are designed to help meet compliance, including an Activity Log and ability to customize permissions for each user role.  Also, appearance of the Stay Card has changed and the Floor Filter will be easier to set up, plus it has been added to the Room Assignment page.

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Robust Permissions functionality has been added that will allow the Hotel Admin to specify what areas of Rover each User Role will have permission to access.


  • Go to Menu --> Settings --> Hotel & Staff --> Permissions  
  • Select a user role (i.e., Front Office or Floor & Maintentance)
  • Click on a task such as Check In, Add Charge or a report and use the arrow icon to move it from the Not Assigned to Assigned columns and vice versa.

For users who need to access two or more hotels on Rover, the location to switch from one hotel to another has been moved to the Menu tab. This will allow all users, including Front Office and Floor & Maintenance level users, to have one Rover login with access to all hotels that are within the same chain.

The Activity Log accessible on the Stay Card, below Notes, lists detials of actions performed, by user, on a reservation along with date and time. Actions include:  

  • Check-in / Check-out 
  • Upsell 
  • Add/Adjust Charge 
  • Add Credit Card via Swipe or Manual
    at Check-in or on Deposit window
  • Create/Edit/Cxl Reservation

The Stay Card has a new look due to design changes on the buttons.  Changes include: 

  • Font/color update
  • Balance amount has been moved off the Deposit / Balance button 
  • View Bill and Add Charge is combined on Bill & Charges

Similar to the Housekeeping Floor Filter, ability to search for rooms on a specific floor has been added to the Room Assignment Filter.  It includes an option to deselect 'Show All Floors’ and use the ’Select floor' dropdown to search for rooms on a specific floor.

In order to use the Floor Filter in Housekeeping or during Check-in, floors need to be configured with room numbers in Rover Settings.  It is now easy to do this on the Floor Setup page. A Hotel Admin user will be able to:

  • Go to Settings --> Rooms --> Floor Setup 
  • Either Add New Floor or select an existing one 
  • Enter a specific room number or range in the search field
  • Select one or more rooms to move from the Unassigned to Assigned box and Save Changes.

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