Rover Overlay, Version 1.11.0

Modified on: Mon, 29 Feb, 2016 at 11:18 PM

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As part of Rover system update 1.11.0, the following new features have been added to: 

  • Increase revenue through Zest Web 
  • Improve efficiencies for housekeeping 

Please share with Rover users on your team and let us know if you have questions. 

This update caused some unexpected downtime for some of our clients. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you and your guests.

Thank you, 
The StayNTouch Team


Generate even more revenue with Zest Web!  Early Check-in Upsell functionality is now available at hotels using Pre-Check-In with Auto Check-in.

When a guest enters an estimated arrival time that is earlier than the hotel's check-in time, the 'Early Check-in' page will display.  This page will inform the guest of the standard check-in time and give them an option to 'Purchase Early Check-in' for an additional amount or 'Change Arrival Time'.  If the guest opts to purchase, Rover will post the specified Early Check-in charge onto the guest's bill automatically. 

Also, the 'Early Check In Report' will track revenue generated.

Note: To add the Early Check-in Upsell enhancement at your hotel, please submit a request to Additional web template pages will need to be created to support this feature.

Early Check-in Setup  
A Hotel Admin user has access to manage the following options.

  • Go to Menu -> Settings -> Promos & Upsell -> Upsell Early Checkin
  • Create up to three early check-in start times and prices 
  • Specify charge code used to auto-post Early Check-in fee  
  • Turn Upsell Early Check-in ON / OFF as needed  
  • Limit total number of early check-in upsells allowed per day  
  • Specify type of bookings (based on Rate Code, Room Type or Block Code) that can bypass being shown the Early Check-in offer and proceed with check-in without an upgrade charge 


Even more guests will be able to use Zest Web to check-out. In addition to the web check-out email, StayNTouch can now provide a hotel-specific URL that guests may visit to enter their stay details and check-out. 

To make it easy for guests to access the Zest Web Check-out page, it will be possible to customize the URL and even create a QR code.  Encourage guests to use Zest Web by placing collateral with the web check-out URL or QR code in guest rooms and public areas such as the lobby, hotel shuttle, etc. In addition to increasing your hotel's web check-out conversion rates and freeing up your staff, more guests will be exposed to the late check-out offer, when available, generating even more revenue. 

Note: In order to offer Web Check-out using a URL at your hotel, please submit a request to The web template page needs to be created to support this feature.

Check Out feature has been added to help reduce room status discrepancies that stem from due-out guests leaving the hotel without actually checking out. A 'Check Out' option has been added on the Housekeeping Room Details - Guest screen for rooms that are due-out today, that are still occupied. When a due-out guest has already vacated the room, but in the system, the room shows as still being occupied, housekeeping staff will be able to check the room out. 

Note: For successful check-out by housekeeping, there has to be a zero balance or payment method on file (credit card, direct bill).  If there is a credit or balance due on the account, the front desk will need to handle the check-out. 

List view displays for Arrivals, In-house, Departures and search results now show the room type name.

An improvement has been made to the Add Charges window.  When 'All Charges' is selected, all charge codes will appear. Previously, only charge and adjustment codes added under 'Items' appeared.

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