How to Make Changes to Room Assignment

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How to Make Changes to Room Assignment

From the guest's Stay Card, selecting the Room section will prompt Rover to navigate to the Room Assignment page. The Room Assignment page allows designated users to assign the guest a new room, offer upsell options, or un-assign a room for the guest. 

Please Note: For the room upsell feature to work, this setting needs to be previously configured and turned ON in Rover. As long as the upsell setting is ON and higher category rooms are available, the user will be able to assign a room upgrade to the guest.  

Step 1. Room Assignment Page
  • Navigate to the Room Assignment page by selecting the Room section on the guest's Stay Card.

Step 2. Choose a Room

  • There are a couple of features on this page that will assist you with selecting a room for the guest, including the Room FilterSearch Bar, and Room Type Menu
  • Available rooms will display in green, unless the Due-out or Not Ready filters are being used. 


Use the room filter icon if no ready rooms display. The room filter can also be used to apply or clear preferences (e.g., High/Low Floor, Near/Far from Elevator, Balcony, Connecting Room) and to expand search to rooms that are not ready (e.g., Not Ready, Due-out, Pre-­assigned). Once a room is selected, the system will direct back to the Stay Card.


  • Use the available search bar to look up a room number or room type. 


  • To select another room type within the same room type level, click on the room type dropdown.


Step 1. Select a New Room

  • There are two ways that a room type can be changed.  

Option 1: If Upsell Rooms is turned ON (Admin Setting > Promos & Upsell > Room Upsell), it will be possible to select the upgrade for duration of stay by selecting the green button that displays for the upgradable room (e.g., Upgrade for Only $25.00 Per Night). 

Option 2: Or, if the Room Type is changed using the Room Type dropdown menu next to the room filter icon. 

Step 2. Post a Charge (Optional)    

  • Charge for Room: When a room is selected for a room type that is different from the booked room type, a pop-up window will appear and provide the user with the option to add a charge for the room type change. Rover will automatically post the nightly upsell charge to the guest's bill when an amount is entered and Charge is selected.  
  • No Charge: Enter the dollar amount to charge or select No Charge to complete room assignment and proceed to the Registration screen.  


Step 1. Select the Un-Assign Button

  • From the Room Assignment page, select the Un-Assign Room button at the bottom of the page.
  • There is no verification message or confirmation pop-up window once the Un-Assign Room button is selected. Rover automatically un-assigns the room and navigates back to the guest's Stay Card
  • Please Note: This functionality is limited to due-in guests with a reservation.

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