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Payment for the entire stay (full amount) can be collected prior to check-­in using the Deposit/Balance window, which can be accessed from the Stay Card. Select ‘Deposit/Balance’ to open a window showing deposit paid and balance due (room, tax, resort fees, etc.) for the duration of the stay.


On left hand side under the Balance header, is the Total Cost of Stay (room, tax, resort fees, etc.) for the duration of the stay. In addition there is the Deposit Paid (thus far) as well as the Outstanding Total, which is the amount that needs to be collected at the time of check-­in. 



On the right hand side, under Deposit, if the booking has a credit card on file, the card type and last four digits of the card number will show. To apply credit card payment for the outstanding amount due, use the card swiper that is attached to the iPad to swipe the guest’s credit card. Before swiping, if the light is not blinking, press the button on the device to turn it on.

Once the card has been swiped, ADD the card number. On the next screen, under AMOUNT TO PAY, the total amount due will pre-‐populate. Check the box if the credit card number needs to be added to the guest card/profile and select MAKE PAYMENT. There will be a confirmation of Deposit Paid. Close the window to go back to the Stay Card. After check‐in has been completed, the deposits paid will display on the View Bill page. 



Rover has the ability to look up the value of a Givex gift card and apply payment based on the balance available. Payment may be posted before check-in or while the guest is in-house, including at time of check-out. The payment amount applied on the guest bill will be deducted from the funds available on the gift card.


Select the DEPOSIT/BALANCE button on the Stay Card for a reservation before check-in. On the left hand side under BALANCE, note the Total Cost of Stay, Deposit Paid, and Outstanding Stay Total. On the right hand side, select GIFT CARD to apply a deposit using a Givex Gift Card. Then swipe the gift card or manually enter the gift card number (no spaces). Rover will automatically verify and display the Available Balance amount. Enter the Amount to Pay (can be up to the available amount remaining on the card) and select Make Payment.

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