Hold Status

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Hold Status

Hold statuses are used in groups and allotments and allow users to differentiate between various settings and what the status of a group is. When you navigate to Settings > Reservations > Hold Status, you will see system defined hold statuses that cannot be changed. These hold statuses are Definite, which guarantees a reservation as a definite piece of business and is going to take inventory away from the hotel's availability, and Cancel, which will not take from the hotel's availability and says that the group has been cancelled.

From this page, you'll notice that hold statuses are arranged by specific columns, which are as follows:

  1. HOLD STATUS: Lists the different statuses already built and their names.
  2. IS TAKEN FROM INVENTORY: Indicates whether the hold status takes from the hotel's available inventory of rooms.
  3. IS GROUP ONLY: Indicates that the status can only be used for groups.
  4. IS ALLOTMENT ONLY: Indicates that the status can only be used for allotments.
  5. DELETE: Delete a hold status by selecting the red X.


To add a new hold status, simply click +ADD NEW, enter a name for your hold status, and indicate whether or not the hold status will Take from inventory, is Group only, or is Allotment only.

Once you've added a hold status, you can start applying it to reservations, and these reservations will be recorded in the house inventory if indicated on the hold status. For more information about hold statuses, view this video or contact Customer Support.

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